Learning The Game: A Secret to How Millionaires Make Money While Playing Golf

I’ll be brief, just had a $.25 epiphany.

One of the Keys to Wealth: please correct me if I’m wrong because I’m no financial expert, I’m conveying my understanding through my experience and what I retained prior to receiving my degree in Business Management with a minor in Economics and Finances. So my knowledge is not expert, maybe between intermediate and advanced, but you be the judge.

So I have one share of Nike and was just paid a $.25 dividend this quarter.
If I had 1000 shares I would receive $250 for the quarter 2000-$500 etc and so on.

Now! We wonder how can Billionaire and millionaire financiers do nothing all day but make so much money? This is how. THIS is a legit way to make passive income. This guy just made about $7.5M off of dividends alone.

I know we don’t have that type of money to put down, but it’s something to consider when budgeting your money for investments into stock and building generational wealth. We need to LEARN the financial system, APPLY what we know, and TEACH the next generation so they can make sound financial decisions and continue to build wealth.

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